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School Supplies


For your child to attend Morning Star Preparatory Academy, their current registration form and immunization records must be on file and are due the last school day in April. All registration fees, tuition fees, parent involvement/makeup time from previous school years must be paid up to date in order to make a teacher request/preference. A non-refundable registration fee will be charged for each child registered (subject to change without notice). A student must be officially withdrawn no later than 3 weeks before school starts to avoid any registration fees. All policies and procedures are subject to change without notice. Morning Star Preparatory Academy reserves the right to arbitrarily adjust its policies as needed.

Our program is designed to provide daily academic support in literacy and math. Each week students will be exploring and learning with different themes. They will enjoy indoor and outdoor activities, experiments, games, and more!

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The immunization exemption form is required to be completed and turned in along with student registration. Please send completed forms to our email at
For physical copies, you may drop it off at the Morning Star office anytime during school hours. Thank you!

Schedule a preschool interview today!                

Every parent is required to have at least 3 hours per child, per year of parent involvement time. Half of it is due at the end of second quarter. Please contact your teacher beforehand to know when the best time is to come for special events. Please check in at the office when you plan to participate.

School Supplies
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